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Electroslag technology is a special method of melting and casting steel and alloys that produces highly pure and very strong metals. The development of this method in the Soviet Union was an effort to catch up with the technology of Vacuum and Remelting (VAR) previously developed and tested in the US for complex, high alloy systems. Electroslag casting has become highly successful for a wide range of products and compositions. Currently, EST is used in the US, Europe, and Japan. The present book describes key applications of electroslag technology as well as a number of practical recommendations. It provides a discussion of the refining slags employed, their stability, refining abilities, etc, for an extremely wide range of alloys. Mechanical properties and the extensive equipment modifications that makes EST so attractive are discussed in detail. Everything from small castings to extremely large rotors, truck and equipment beds are reported. The book also covers the development of EST in other countries, including Austria, Germany, Canada, USA, France, Japan, Italy, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and China. This reference book on mechanics of materials, production engineering, material science, mining, metallurgy is intended for material research scientists, practical engineers in metallurgy and steel mill factories and national laboratories.

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